What are the advantages of paper and plastic clothing bags?

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Clothing bags in life are normally made of two kinds of materials, one is plastic clothing bags, the other is clothing paper bags. Due to the enhancement of people's environmental protection concept, the utilization rate of plastic clothing bags is greatly reduced, and the environmental protection of paper bags is better than that of plastic bags. What are the advantages of clothing paper bags compared with plastic clothing bags? The following by Shanghai maihe packaging to analyze Shaoxing clothing paper bags and plastic bags compared with which has the advantage.

The first advantage of clothing paper bag: Economy

Consumers think that clothing paper bags look a little more atmospheric than plastic bags, and the price will be more expensive than plastic bags. In fact, clothing paper bags are more economical and cheaper than plastic clothing bags. Why? Because plastic bags can only be used once, the number of times is limited, but clothing paper bags can be used repeatedly, and clothing paper bags can be printed with patterns and bright colors. In this way, clothing paper bags are more economical.

The second advantage of clothing paper bag: firmness

We all know that plastic clothing bags are easy to break, if you want to be stronger, you must increase its cost. Clothing paper bag is a good solution, because of its toughness, wear resistance, more durable, more high-end clothing paper bag in addition to strong and durable, but also waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance. The price will certainly be more expensive than traditional plastic bags, and the role of clothing paper bags is far greater than that of plastic clothing bags.

The third advantage of clothing paper bag: Advertising

It has the function of advertising. The printing color of clothing paper bags is relatively bright, and the theme of its expression is relatively clear. It can help enterprises to bring much greater publicity effect than traditional plastic clothing bags. The high-end clothing paper bags also highlight the atmosphere of the company.

The fourth advantage of clothing paper bag: environmental protection

Clothing paper bags will not affect the environment, reducing the human living environment. So now there is a great demand for the use of clothing paper bags, and it is also the best choice for people!

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