The development trend of clothing paper bag from ZARA

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With the continuous development of industry and the continuous improvement of economy, it also means that it is at the expense of the environment. More and more people pay attention to global warming, which also makes people realize the importance of harmonious coexistence with nature. Environmental protection has become a topic of increasing concern, ranging from the implementation of environmental protection policies to the daily practice of everyone, such as using kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags.

When we go to the street, we can see that some people are carrying paper bags of Zara and other big brands. If we look carefully, we will find that all the paper bags of these big brands are popular kraft paper bags at this stage. What does this mean? Shanghai maihe small knitting belt you can see the development trend of clothing paper bag from Zara.

First of all, Zara and other FMCG clothing brands choose kraft paper bags as their clothing paper bags, which is the performance of conforming to the development of the times. As a good weapon of eye economy, packaging can help products stand out. Kraft paper bag can be reused, degradable and other advantages are not to be rejected, so many brands choose it. Therefore, it has become the mainstream.

In recent years, it can be seen that not only foreign brands choose kraft paper as their preferred raw material for clothing bags, but also domestic brands. Green kraft paper bags are the future packaging trend.

Secondly, kraft paper bags are more in line with the characteristics of fast fashion, large quantity and high price. Fashion low price is a significant feature of these brands, which of course also needs to be reflected in the paper bag packaging. Kraft paper bags are economical, environmentally friendly, timeless and simple, which are in line with the characteristics of these brands.

Finally, kraft paper bag has more advantages in design, and does not need a variety of complex process options. Monochrome printing not only highlights the brand intuitively, but also has a lower price, which is very in line with the fast fashion clothing paper bag packaging needs.

Through the above analysis, it can be concluded that in the future of increasingly fierce competition, the major enterprises are also moving from a retreat to a pragmatic, take good care of the main business and highlight the core competitiveness. This is the right way to open up the clothing industry. It's not hard to understand why Zara and other clothing brands choose kraft paper bags as their clothing paper bags.

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