What are the common types of cake boxes?

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With the advancement of modern social life, cake has gradually become a favorite food for most people. With its sweet and soft taste and different shapes, cake has not only become a favorite food, but also a choice for people to give gifts and celebrate festivals. Because of this, baking packaging is becoming more and more important, especially cake box. Beautiful and appropriate cake packaging can make the cake exceed the value of the commodity itself. Of course, since the small cake packaging is so important, there are many kinds of cake boxes in the baking industry. Today, let's take a look at the common types of cake boxes.

Because all along, most of the birthday cakes are round, so the round birthday cake box is usually the most common. The utility model is composed of a box cover, an enclosing edge and a box bottom. The cover and bottom of the birthday cake box are usually decorated with gray board with colored paper, which not only can bear the weight, but also is more beautiful. It is easy for consumers to feel that it has grade and is more suitable for some high-end hotels and bakeries. But for this kind of round birthday cake, the price will be slightly more expensive than other types of cake boxes, and the merchants have to consider the problems of transportation and storage. But for consumers, this kind of round birthday cake is very good, because the bottom of the box is covered with plastic film, which has high strength, clean and tidy, and can effectively prevent the penetration of oil stains when using, and can also be directly put into the refrigerator.

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