How to eliminate the static electricity of square cake box?

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Some square cake boxes will use certain techniques to eliminate the static electricity generated in the production process. These static electricity may pose a certain threat to the products that need to be packaged. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the static electricity. How much do you know about the methods to eliminate the static electricity of square cake boxes? Today, let's have a simple understanding with square cake box manufacturers!

Square cake box

Physical elimination method: without changing the function of materials, the method of eliminating static electricity by using its inherent characteristics, such as "grounding" elimination method, is to install the electrostatic elimination brush in the process. The brush body is placed at the winding or unwinding position of paper or plastic coil, and the grounding terminal of the anti-static brush is reliably grounded.

Chemical elimination method: namely antistatic agent treatment technology; mainly through filling technology or coating technology, antistatic agent can modify resin or substrate, which is a more thorough and perfect antistatic technology; however, due to the addition or coating of antistatic agent, resulting in the change of material chemical composition, this technology is not applicable to the treatment of paper, only applicable to the treatment of paper Modification of plastic resin.

The square cake box produced by the packaging material with anti static motor energy not only eliminates all kinds of quality accidents caused by static electricity, but also further provides packaging efficiency, ensures the sealing strength, and is more recognized by customers.

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