Impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia on baking industry

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At present, the sales channels of baking products mainly rely on offline products, especially the short-term insurance products. During the epidemic period, affected by the channels, there is a downward trend. However, the head enterprises maintained a strong growth. In the first quarter of 2020, the overall offline catering fell by 44%, and the revenue of Taoli bread increased by 16%.


The new brands that rely more on the Internet have achieved excessive growth under the restriction of the epidemic on people's catering, especially the choice of breakfast is less, and convenient staple foods such as online bread become the solution for short-term outbreak.


During the epidemic period, the habit of cooking at home was formed, and many families began to try Western-style baking. The growth of food materials and small household appliances in kitchens is evidence. Small household appliances enterprises dominated by Western-style baking, such as Mofei and Xiaoxiong, have been growing against the trend.


After the purchase of home-made bakery products, the penetration rate of home-made bakery products will be accelerated. Coupled with new tastes, health concepts, new opportunities for whole wheat and other raw materials, baked goods may be no less than the growth category of instant food after the epidemic.

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