Technological characteristics of cake box

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How to improve the value of the cake box? In the fierce competition in the Chinese market, in addition to the product quality, the image of the packaging appearance is very important. It may belong to the process characteristics of the product. So what are the process characteristics of the product?

1. It is necessary to connect the pictures of the cake box scheme with the structure of the scheme. It is assumed that the binding of picture printing, self-adhesive label and vacuum aluminum parking composite bag can be known in advance when the structure is made. This product is the representative of fashion and high technology, is the general plane printing commodity, has a completely different, is endowed with vitality of the dynamic picture.

2. It has become a special way for customers to promote their products and the image of shopping malls, and has a useful effect of attracting the eyes. The sudden change effect of multiple pictures or magic change flash, giving people a dreamlike dynamic feeling, the advertising effect is common, and the appreciation effect is very strong.

3. Although it can guarantee the quality of the product, it is simply broken, so it is necessary for the packaging box to play an excellent supporting effect.

4. In addition to the primary support, attention should be paid to both satisfying the transportation demand and making the structure strong and having the function of commodity display when selecting the structural materials.

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