Four categories of paper cake box styles

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As the name suggests, the paper cake box is a box used to package gifts. It is an extension of the function of the packaging method. When it emphasizes the role of beauty and decoration, it also slightly weakens the use value of gifts. Therefore, the paper cake box is also unique in its packaging. There are many kinds of opening methods, Next, the paper cake box manufacturers will briefly introduce its four categories:

Paper cake box

① Carrying case type: it is called carrying case type. Generally, it is opened at the handle part;


② Cap type: it is generally composed of box bottom and box cover. The two parts are adhered or separated, and the box bottom is completely closed by the box cover;


③ Swing cover type: a common carton packaging method, the cover and carton are connected as a whole, and the seal of the box cover can be changed in a variety of ways;


④ Drawer type: a style designed according to the structure of the drawer. The carton is opened or closed by pulling. Matchbox is a typical drawer type carton. Other structures include door opening / destruction and artistic opening


Nowadays, the style of paper cake box is more and more, it has become an independent commodity circulation in the market, not only has the function of protecting the product, but also has the function of decoration and highlighting the connotation. Therefore, when we choose the paper cake box, we should choose the appropriate style to express our feelings

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