Packaging design manufacturers must master five dimensions of design

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       Some people say that product packaging design shoulders multiple missions, one is the need of the product itself; the other is the purpose of the merchant to achieve promotional products through packaging; the third is to meet the aesthetic requirements of the consumer era. The commonality of the three is to maximize the consumer supply of the product. It seems that the theoretical structure of this product packaging design is somewhat simple, but in fact, the essential findings behind the design have not been found. A marketing-conscious packaging box design manufacturer in the implementation of the package design case, all the intention is not just visual mastery or structural innovation, but whether the product marketing plan involved in this case has a comprehensive understanding .

       If the product packaging design and manufacturing manufacturers lack comprehensive design analysis such as demand analysis, market positioning, marketing strategy, etc., all their innovative ideas are not a commercial one in completing the self-beautification of a given route. The mature design works, but the artistic works that are presented for display. For the essence of business and market, this is a traditional occupational disease in which the bulls are not right, and it is also a contempt and loss of purpose and goal in the process.

       Every new product is born to the market, through the strategic structure of planning and design of demand analysis, research and development, market positioning, branding to marketing and other processes, the details are quite complicated, but these processes and packaging design direction The formulation is inseparable. From the industry's norm in the case planning and execution model of the current packaging design manufacturers, most of the business owners did not provide these pre-strategic information and planning information, and our packaging design manufacturers did not take the initiative. To understand, communicate and analyze.

       It is advisable to analyze the five design dimensions that must be mastered by the packaging design manufacturer with a meticulous attitude. If you can switch from the theoretical approval or not to the thinking dimension of the essence, perhaps you can escape from the dogmatic model. Come out and discover the ingenuity that you didn't care about.

       Before design design analysis, the package design manufacturer should first distinguish the difference between "product" and "product", that is, an unpackaged content is a "product", and the product processed by the package is "Products", it can be seen that products must pass through the "package box" in order to become a merchandise sold on the market. Then, as a product endorsement package, in addition to the basic functions of storage protection and delivery, what is the purpose of its existence?

       1. The first essence of packaging design is “Intelligence + Manufacturing an Information Explosives Package”. Because before the purchase and unpacking experience is reached, this information package uses information to compete with other competing products on the store shelves, aiming to stand out, causing consumers to focus and pass the purchase reason to blast the consumer's mental model. buy.

       2. Anything we want to achieve is costly. One of the core objectives of our packaging design manufacturers is to reduce the cost of the box being found on the shelf. All the efforts in our packaging design process are not for art exhibitions or technical competitions, but for how the product packaging box attracts consumers on the dazzling shelves and impresses consumers to buy.

       3, packaging box design and manufacturing manufacturers all the packaging box production is to the store to go to the shelf, the first step of its packaging design is not how to design this packaging, the primary task is to design the entire shelf. In the store, only the design right of such a small shelf position belongs to us. We want to use this shelf thinking to design the display advantage of our packaging box, and let our own product packaging box stand out in the complicated and complicated.

       4. The product packaging box is a symbol on the shelf. The first consideration of the packaging design manufacturer is not how to highlight the information on the packaging box, but how to highlight the product brand perception on the shelf, which is the brand of the whole packaging box. The core idea of symbol construction is how to create brand symbol information with super memory in the box.

       5, packaging box design and manufacturing manufacturers in the front thinking of the packaging design, there must be a firm guiding belief: I am a new product, no one has heard of, and no money TV advertising, but as long as we design the packaging The box is placed on the shelf and must be allowed to speak and communicate quickly with the consumer and sell itself. This is like seeing a picture in the WeChat group or circle of friends, let me have the heart and mind of clicking on the big picture.

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