"Innovation" in the design of the box

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       Innovation is not synonymous with the Internet era. From the industrialization 1.0 to the current era of the Internet economy, there has never been any innovation to lead development. With the fierce competition in the market driven by high-tech innovation, business models, closed-loop platforms, and product innovations are hot topics in this era, but few people have made breakthroughs in product packaging or product packaging innovation. Product packaging box, as a carrier of product circulation, is also an important medium for marketing strategy, corporate image and brand culture. In the concept of packaging design, it still adheres to the pursuit of 'good image and high value'. Captain.

       With the increasing ability of packaging aesthetics, we have entered a variety of supermarkets with a variety of beautifully packaged goods, from high-end luxury gifts to well-designed snack foods. Consumers are familiar with the outer packaging of these products. Fatigue, there has been no surprise that these beautiful packaging brought people 20 years ago. In the zero-competition situation of a price war, in addition to focusing on how to improve the exposure of product packaging in the consumer group, how to enhance the marketing power of the product packaging box, in fact, how to improve the market concept and innovative thinking of packaging design It is the top priority of enterprise marketing and packaging designers' innovation work. This is also the innovation orientation and thinking upgrade from “design” of “fruit” to “cause”.

       From the argument that product packaging design tends to be more of a consumer decision science. Today's designers consider not only the product's own log shape, external styling or color planning, but also the comprehensive issues of shopping environment, shelf awareness, consumer motivation and brand marketing. The problem of design innovation.

       Economist Schumpeter believes that innovation is nothing more than five aspects: "developing new products, using new technologies, opening up new markets, applying new materials, and realizing new organizations." Xiong Peter’s "innovation" theory is concise, concise, and classic. It has been regarded as a standard by the academic academic community.

       In view of the above theory, we have carefully studied and found that in terms of product packaging innovation, if there is no qualitative change in the product itself, the design method is still old-fashioned, and the new packaging box with high value is pushed into the market again, giving consumers different quality. The feeling, but after all, the product is still that product. Maybe it can bring about an increase in sales, or no one cares at all. Is this so-called product packaging innovation a innovation? Regardless of whether Xiong Peter’s innovation theory is correct or not, this is just the use of high-value box innovation to apply the above theory, but really can't talk about innovation!

       To this day, there are also packaging industry experts who advocate the old-fashioned design concept: "Design innovation must provide guiding principles for packaging design under the leading idea of design concept, giving the cultural connotation and style characteristics of the design works. Design works are more personalized, professional and distinctive." It sounds like how old I feel is to design fireworks. How have experts never mentioned consumers and cared for consumer psychology? Why not deny the past packaging form and thinking framework? And what is the innovative theory of “achieving a new organization” mentioned by Master Xiong Peter?

       In a modern society where consumption levels and product innovation are greatly enriched, in order to gain more consumers and expand the market, the professional marketing agencies or professional planners make various classifications to the market, and then These detailed market segments plan product development and marketing strategies for product companies, enabling products to quickly reach a variety of consumer groups, thereby achieving market influence and increasing sales marketing purposes. However, traditional packaging design is far from these market concepts and marketing thinking, or is designed for the design of packaging boxes, not designed for market power, marketing power, sales force and decision-making. This is a common problem in the industry. This is a stubborn illness...

       Today, unfortunately, I accidentally saw an article about the conclusion of the packaging innovation paper: "Only in the product packaging to constantly break through the norm, the company's products can create a new and unique consumer experience in the hearts of consumers, expand the product Reputation. Product packaging designers should clearly understand that innovative thinking plays an important role in packaging design. Only by clarifying innovative ideas and methods can we guide designers to innovate more effectively."

       This.....Is this still not changing the soup? Not still result-oriented? New to new, not a beautiful thing. I have never designed innovation from the "demand". I have never found the logic limitation from my "thinking starting point". I have never found the consumption habits from the "consumption scene." This is actually not just the innovation paradox in the packaging industry. It is a scorpio of overall human thinking from "theoretical logic" to "realistic dialectics." O2O innovation has died so much, why?

       This is actually just a new thinking-oriented thinking dimension from the ills of product packaging innovation. What is innovation? Where are the starting points and difficulties of innovation? Shenzhen packaging box manufacturers thought:

       1. Innovation must be created based on pain points that are not noticed or resolved;

       2, innovation, subversion of people's near numbness advantages, advantages and normal perception;

       3. Innovation, there is only one strong solution point (selling point), and other benefits are the extension or premium of the origin;

       4. Innovation, the result is amazing from the level of audience demand (unexpected, want to get everyone to do);

       5, innovation, no micro-innovation, the so-called micro-innovation is optimization, it is iteration, it is repairing;

       6. Innovation is unexpected. All the elements, materials and tools required for the smashing and reorganization of the rationality are all in the human world (such as electric lights, iphone);

       7. Innovation is different from creativity. Creativity is based on self-idealization, and creativity is used, which is innovation;

       8. Innovation comes from the sudden epiphany after continuous trial and error, which is a broken frame of thinking and insight;

       9. Innovation, not only market value, but also human value;

       10. Innovation, nothing is new, just not discovered, including all kinds of practical needs...

       11, innovation, before the birth is very mysterious and profound, there is only one "Oh..." after landing, and then the theorists who like the theory are simplified and complicated to reflect their superiority.

       In the meantime, in fact, we are all theorists, but some theorists only look back, specializing in the cases that have already occurred, to reason and induct according to their own perspective, to form "necessary and universal", TA have a characteristic: Just saying that people don't talk about people, not the cause behind things, I don't know if success can't be copied.

       Conclusion: The appearance of innovation is to discover the needs that others have not found, to do the arrangement that others have not done, and to give you the practicality that you never thought of! Behind the innovation is the insight and discovery of holistic dialectic. It is the upgrading of thinking and technology that breaks the routine and habits, innovation, not self-improvement, self-improvement, but a solution based on common sense and practical application of society...

       Stealing, why can't a packaging design or packaging manufacturer be an innovative service + manufacturing organization with "market professional + marketing professional + design professional + craft professional"? This is actually not a question of industrial upgrading, but a problem of thinking and seeing the ground and courage to dare to take the lead...

       The topic of innovation is never new. If you talk about the topic of “consumer humanity”, why not talk about our “designer humanity”? Thinking, the focus is not "thinking", but "dimensional", is the "dimension." We innovate our thinking and consider a few dimensions?

       IQ, please yourself, emotional intelligence, and delight each other! ! ! The box is designed for the consumer experience and internal perception, and is designed for consumers to make (making money) decisions. Innovation, only by learning to use things that we and our peers don't know in the past can create new value.