International big-name carefully designed green shopping bags jump fashion products

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As the concept of environmental protection has become more and more popular, more and more people are aware that the abuse of plastic bags will cause great damage to the environment. Many people refuse to use plastic bags when shopping. According to the Associated Press, the world's top designers seized this opportunity and launched fashion-friendly shopping bags, making the original eco-friendly shopping bags become fashionable.

The famous French brands Hermes, Stella McCartney and the Italian brand Martin have always been at the forefront of the world fashion, and their clothing, perfume and other products are leading the fashion trend. These internationally renowned brands are now aiming at the market of green shopping bags, carefully designed to create practical and stylish shopping bags.

The eco-friendly shopping bags specially designed by the designers follow the fashion trend, but they are also expensive. A Herm├Ęs fashion eco-friendly shopping bag, which will be available in the US this summer, is hand-made from silk and calfskin and can be folded into a wallet for up to $960. Martin's founder, Consuelo Castiglioni, created a foldable nylon shopping bag for $843. The price of a canvas shopping bag designed by McCartney is $495.

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The famous British brand Ania Hindmaqi launched the "I am not a plastic bag" fashion green shopping bag, although the market price is only 15 US dollars, but its auction price on the "Electronic Harbor" website is higher 10 times.

The concept of environmental protection and fashionable design make the fashion-friendly shopping bags hot, and the limited editions of many famous brands have been sold out once they are listed.

An important reason why such shopping bags are widely acclaimed is that it can protect the environment. Traditional paper bags and plastic bags can cause serious environmental pollution. Making paper bags means cutting down countless large trees. The sewage discharged from the production and the exhausted gas are seriously polluting the environment; the plastic bags are made of petroleum, and it takes thousands of years to break down the large amount of garbage produced by plastic bags. Reusable green shopping bags can easily solve these problems and are therefore very popular in the market.

But unlike traditional green shopping bags, the designers' new shopping bags are chic and unique in style, and their fashion design is another reason why they are popular.

Castiglioni told reporters that her design of green shopping bags is influenced by the concept of environmental protection and education. She hopes to attract more consumers to use them by designing stylish and eco-friendly shopping bags, thereby alleviating the abuse of paper bags and plastic bags.

The Associated Press reported that reusable green shopping bags have long been popular in the United States. At first, green shopping bags were only used in a few agricultural markets and supermarkets, but nowadays major cities in the United States have advocated the use of green shopping bags instead of plastic bags, calling for people to contribute to the protection of the environment.

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