How to make the design and printing of round cake box better?

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The round cake box can ensure the safety of the products in transportation, and the well-designed round cake box can also improve the quality of the products. So how do we do a good job in the design and printing of the round cake box? Next, the manufacturers of the gift round cake box will make a brief introduction: 1, Understand the size of the round cake box, the design of the round cake box style, color value, paper and so on; round cake box 2. Make proofing draft, determine the correctness of the file content and the general color direction, see the sample in person when printing, ensure the correctness of the content and color; 3. The use of gift round cake box, the value of the product determines the subsequent processing; 4; Generally, our production cycle is about 5 working days. Of course, if the quantity is large or the printing process is complex, the period may be extended appropriately. 5. The printing price of round cake box is usually based on the specific customer needs, Such as paper, size, technology, etc. to give accurate quotation, avoid the huge error caused by general quotation

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