How to design the cake box?

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The design of the cake box should consider the following aspects:

Appearance design: The appearance design of the cake box should be eye-catching, so that consumers can be attracted at first sight and choose to buy. It can be achieved by printing exquisite patterns on the box or adding some decorations.

Size design: The size of the cake box should be suitable for the size of the cake and can protect the integrity of the cake. Generally speaking, the cake box should be slightly larger than the size of the cake to ensure that the cake can fit completely without being squeezed and deformed.

Material selection: The material of the cake box should be durable, environmentally friendly, and meet food safety requirements. You can choose to use recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes, while ensuring that the material has sufficient strength and rigidity.

Convenience: The design of the cake box should be convenient for consumers to use. Handles for easy access can be added to the box, or lids designed to be easy to open and close.

Special requirements: If the cake has special requirements, such as heat preservation or moisture resistance, the design of the cake box should meet these requirements and ensure that the quality of the cake will not be affected.

In short, a good cake box design should take into account multiple aspects such as aesthetics, practicality, and environmental protection, so as to improve consumers' purchasing experience.

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