How to choose takeout box ?

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Good takeout boxes should have the characteristics of suitability, adaptability, convenience and safety. So do you design the take out boxes or buy them ready-made in the market? With the growth of takeout market, there are many kinds of takeout boxes. Some restaurants will choose the boxes directly in the market, which is low-cost, but more common and easy to be identical. Some restaurants will design their own boxes, which can improve the quality and establish a brand. The disadvantage is that the cost of opening the model is high and it is suitable for takeout. A restaurant of fixed size. When choosing a lunch box, the packaging should match the food. Setting the proportion of the cost of the lunch box, the ordinary restaurant has a good investment of 5%, and the high-end, maybe 17% of the input on the lunch box.

Packing of lunch boxes: 5 elements: 1. Layered structure - not to sprinkle soup, not to press rice. Other exquisite takeaway, but also design chopsticks, spoons, napkins and paper integration suits, in order to prevent omissions. 2. Easy to store - lunch boxes and lids can be superimposed, some of which are more personalized in shape, but can not be superimposed, which will occupy a large storage space. 3. Sealing labels - To prevent low-quality takeouts from stealing food, they can be sealed with seals. 4. Insulation - In autumn and winter, although takeout staff have incubators, they still need to cool down from the kitchen to the hands of customers. Heating bags, tin paper, thermal insulation bags are good choices. Even if the ideal thermal insulation effect is not achieved, but customers will feel our intentions. 5. Easy Packing - Some lunch boxes are beautiful, but it is not advisable to affect the packing efficiency.


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