What are the requirements for customization of food packaging design

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Food packaging design requirements:

1. Barrier is one of the most important properties in food packaging design. When many foods are stored, the poor barrier of packaging design changes the flavor and quality of food, and ultimately affects the quality of food. The barrier requirements of packaging design are determined by the characteristics of food itself, which are characterized by external barrier, internal barrier or selective barrier, etc. The barriers are air, water, grease, light, microorganisms and so on.

2. Some distant foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, still keep breathing function in the process of packaging design and storage. Therefore, such packaging design materials or containers have breathability, or can control breathing, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation.

3. Food will gradually lose nutrition in the process of packaging and storage. Therefore, food packaging design should be conducive to the preservation of food nutrition. Ideally, it can lock nutrition through packaging design.

4. There are many inherent requirements in food packaging design, such as heat resistance requirements, light protection requirements, shatterproof requirements, moisturizing requirements and so on.

5. The external requirement of food packaging design is to use packaging to reflect the characteristics, performance and image of food. It is also the external visualization and expression form and means of food.

6. The safety of food packaging design includes hygiene safety, handling safety and use safety. Hygienic safety means that food packaging materials should not contain harmful substances to human body. In packaging design technology, the nutrient composition, color and taste of processed food should remain unchanged as far as possible. Handling safety refers to the packaging design that can ensure the safety in the process of transportation, loading and unloading. It should also include the safety of consumers when they are shopping and after they are purchased. Safety of use is to ensure that consumers are not harmed in the process of opening and eating.

7. Food packaging design is one of the best means of food promotion. The properties, characteristics, eating methods, nutritional components and cultural connotations of food can be propagated in packaging

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