Green Way and Classification of Food Packaging Films

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threat to human health, because cardboard boxes are often contaminated by substances or made from kerosene that is harmful to human health, according to the Food Watch Food Association in Paris.

    The Food Association conducted a study in three countries, France, Germany and the Netherlands, which analyzed hundreds of products in Europe and found that many of them could cause cancer, adverse effects on the body, or endocrine disorders and gene mutations.

    The results show that France is the most affected country. The six mineral oils surveyed accounted for 60% of the list of the most dangerous mineral oils.

    This study reveals the presence of large quantities of saturated carbohydrates, which are very harmful to human health, of which 83% of the products surveyed are harmful.

    Pollution can occur in all links: production chain, packaging, storage and transportation links are possible.

    Adding a layer of packaging between cardboard boxes and food can effectively isolate food and toxic substances. FoodWatch recommends using this method to prevent food contamination or to produce new packaging directly in a more effective and safe way. The FoodWatch Association encourages consumers to log on to the association's website to review their applications to relevant departments so that problems can be solved as soon as possible.

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