Comparison of folding paper boxes and glued paper boxes

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Folding and adhesive paper boxes are two common paper box types that differ in how they are made and used.

Folding paper boxes are usually cut out of a large piece of cardboard with a specific shape, and then folded into the shape of the paper box according to the specified creases and methods. This type of paper box usually does not require the use of glue or other adhesives, as their structure is self-retaining. Folding paper boxes are simple and cost-effective to make, but they may not be as strong as glued-on paper boxes.

Adhesive paper boxes are usually glued together with one or more cardboards to form a complete paper box. This type of paper box requires the use of glue or other adhesives to keep them structurally stable and strong. Adhesive paper boxes are stronger in structure and can withstand heavier loads and more complex shipping methods, but are usually more expensive to manufacture.

Overall, folding paper boxes and glued paper boxes have their pros and cons in different situations. Which type of paper box to choose depends on the specific situation, such as the purpose of the paper box, mode of transportation, load requirements and budget, etc.

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