Food paper packaging customization needs attention!

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    In this propaganda oriented era, more people will choose customization rather than application. When customizing food paper packaging, what problems should be paid attention to to to to ensure that the customized packaging can be put into use immediately?

    First of all, of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the communication with the packaging box manufacturer, and what kind of patterns need to be printed on the box. If it is necessary for the manufacturer to design, then it is necessary to determine the style required by the design.

    Secondly, we need to determine with the packing box manufacturer what kind of box we need to make? What is the size of the box? What kind of thing is it mainly used for? All these problems need to be solved. And for some special packing boxes, there may be a need for special processing technology, especially for the boxes similar to the round sugar annual cake, most of them will add a layer of oil film inside the box, which is the special processing technology mentioned in the article.

    Finally, it is necessary to negotiate with the packing box manufacturer about the quantity of customized products and the materials to be used. Of course, if necessary, it is better to inform the manufacturer in advance about the quantity, delivery time and mode of transportation. If it is not the customization of large quantities of packing boxes, it can be considered to sign a written contract with the other party to some extent.

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