Food packaging innovation is the trend of green environmental protection

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 Food in the future will inevitably put great efforts on food packaging bags, food packaging design in the future will also have a large market. This is a great opportunity for the enterprises of flexible food packaging bags. Soft packaging enterprises that can provide excellent packaging design of food packaging bags will also have more stable source of orders and more stable customers in the future.

    The design of food packaging bags has a great influence on the sales of the products inside the packaging bags. Shanghai Ruifeng Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, under which the Food Department was established. Printing and Packaging Department. Always adhere to the integritybased, qualitybased business philosophy, the company pays attention to the shaping of its own culture and the promotion of service functions! Packaging department set design, platemaking, printing and other supporting onestop services, with automatic adjustment printing press, computer microcontrol mediumspeed machine, laminating machine, bagmaking machine, professional production of various packaging bags, freezing high temperature vacuum bags, cooking bags, pure aluminum vacuum bags, various types of sealing film, etc., to add unlimited color to customers'products.

    With the concept of lowcarbon environmental protection becoming the main theme of society, many fields are practicing lowcarbon environmental protection, packaging materials are the same. Many environmental pollution packaging materials are fading out of our life. Green packaging materials have become the development trend and future of packaging industry. There are many kinds of green packaging materials nowadays. Generally speaking, they can be divided into four kinds: reusable and recycled packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials.

    Repeated reuse packaging material mainly refers to the glass bottle packaging used to pack beer, beverages and so on. This kind of packaging can be used repeatedly. Recycled packaging materials mainly refer to plastic packaging materials, which can be made into recycled packaging containers after physical disposal. After chemical treatment, recycled packaging products can be made. But the disadvantage of these two methods is that they only reduce the pollution to the environment, and when the final treatment is finished, they also face the problem of pollution to the environment. Edible packaging materials are those that can be eaten with food, such as ice cream, corn baking cups and so on. It is reported that edible packaging film and freshkeeping film have been developed successfully and are entering the packaging market. It is believed that these two green packaging materials will have greater space for use and development prospects. Degradable green packaging materials refer to degradable plastic packaging. After the completion of the mission, the plastic can be degraded and reduced by itself in nature, without pollution to the environment. Paper materials refer to paper packaging materials. We know that paper itself is made of natural plant fibers. Paper packaging materials made from it naturally mean that it is a green packaging material, and its recycling value is very high, technology is also mature.

    With the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection step by step, these four kinds of green packaging materials will be widely applied in the packaging field, become a brandnew future of the packaging industry, will play an indispensable role in the packaging field, the market prospects are very broad.

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