In the process of paper bag customization, what should we do if there are bubbles on the printing ink mark?

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The effect of paper bag customization directly affects the grade of enterprise products. At this time, when we check and receive the goods, we should be careful enough. At the same time, we should understand this knowledge to avoid our ignorance and lead to some unnecessary troubles. But printing is not accessible to every business, so how should businesses understand this problem? Now let's let Shanghai maihe packaging, a paper bag factory with packaging industry experience, tell you what to do when bubbles appear in the printing of paper bag customization?

First of all, we need to know that if there are bubbles on the ink mark of paper bag customized printing, the effect of the printed product will be affected if the consequence is small, and the printing failure will be caused if the consequence is large. So we should pay attention to it and prevent it in advance. Next, the paper analyzes the causes of bubbles in the customized printing of paper bags. Only by understanding clearly can we prevent them.

1、 There are dust or oil stains on the surface of the paper bag customized printing, resulting in the generation of bubbles.

Life, we will encounter this situation, when the oil drops on the paper, no matter how you write, there is no way to color. Because oil molecules are naturally repellent to printing ink and can not be printed, bubbles will naturally form on the surface of paper bag customized printing.

2、 If the ink concentration is too high, bubbles will not squeeze out, so will the printed paper bags

When the cooled oil solidifies, there will be a hollow in it. This hollow place is produced because the air is squeezed inside the oil and there is no way to contact the air. The same is true of ink. When the concentration is too high, it is easy to form bubbles. These bubbles will make the ink printed on the customized printing surface of the paper bag to form a vacuum, which greatly affects the effect of the printed matter.

3、 The speed of paper bag customization is too fast or uneven.

As long as anything is involved in the printing of paper bag customization, there is a contact process. If the speed is too fast and the contact surface is not enough, the phenomenon of printing can not be found directly. This kind of speed adjustment seems to be in pursuit of speed, but sometimes it does not solve the problem of slow printing, but has played a side effect. To form these reasons, we need to find solutions to these problems.

1、 In view of the dust and oil stains on the customized surface of paper bags, we should do a good job in dust and oil prevention in the workshop.

2、 For the bag customized ink concentration is too high, add an appropriate amount of defoamer in the ink, and choose hydrophobic solvent as far as possible.

3、 In view of the third problem, reduce the printing speed, in the method of setting the speed to uniform.

The above three points are the main reasons for bubbles in the process of paper bag customized printing, but we can not rule out other reasons. However, if we handle these three points well, we should be able to solve most of the problems of printing bubbles.

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