Development Direction of Packaging Box Design in 2019

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Packaging boxes are the facade of products and brands. A successful packaging design can not help the product to open the market better and quickly, but also can promote the brand's popularity and sales of other products. Since the design of packaging boxes is so important, what are the special requirements for the design of packaging boxes in 2019?

1. Structural design is very important. Product packaging boxes should not only be beautiful to meet people's visual needs, but also be adjusted in product structure design if the shape of the product can reflect the performance of the product.

Second, redesign of online packaging boxes. Nowadays, many people prefer to shop on the internet. Product packaging boxes should also be designed according to different marketing platforms, and the problems of product transportation and delivery should also be considered.

3. Intelligent use of packing boxes. In a more intelligent way, we have basically entered the era of intelligence. Everything can add intelligent elements. For example, many food packaging boxes in China have added two-dimensional codes. Scanning codes can identify the authenticity of products, enter the public number, and learn more about products and brand information.

4. Playability design of packaging boxes. Nowadays, many brands are working hard on the design of brand packaging boxes. Common coffee cups can be DIY, which can give consumers a good product experience.

5. Packaging box design is related to old and new products. Brands often make retro products, which is to continue the style of old products, but also to sell old products at the same time. If packaging design can connect different products, it is to market two products at the same time.

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