Common sense of kraft paper bag purchase

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    After a long time of observation, the staff of Wenzhou Dreamfly Printing Co., Ltd. found that the thicker the kraft paper bags, the better. This is a mistake, so Shanghai maihe packaging shares a little common sense for your reference.


    There are two kinds of kraft paper in kraft paper bags. The first kind of domestic kraft paper (not all wood kraft paper) will be mixed with a certain proportion of waste paper pulp when making paper. Generally, this kind of kraft paper has poor load-bearing and poor load-bearing. Therefore, when making paper bags, the thicker type of paper will be used, generally 200-250g of original paper will be used, so most of the normal thicker kraft paper bags will be used It is a paper bag made of domestic kraft paper.


    The other is kraft paper of all wood pulp, 100% of all wood pulp. At the same time, it will not be mixed with any waste materials when making paper. The characteristics of this paper are that the pull force of paper with long wood fiber weft is good. Of course, the price of this paper is about twice that of kraft paper of non all wood pulp. Although its paper is not thick enough, its load-bearing capacity is very good, so it is generally used to make paper bags When using 100-120g base paper, it is very good, so this kind of paper is generally imported kraft paper.


    Is the white kraft paper partially made in China or imported? Because it uses 100% full wood kraft paper. If it is mixed with waste materials, the color will not be white. Therefore, the price of the white kraft paper bag in the kraft paper bag is also a relatively expensive paper bag.

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