What should be paid attention to in order to make food fillet bread bag?

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The custom-made food fillet bread bag should pay attention to which leisure food is commonly known as snack, including expanded food, various sugar, bread, etc. the rise of leisure food also drives the development of leisure food packaging bag. Therefore, many manufacturers will pay attention to the packaging of new products when making leisure food packaging bags. But in the process of packaging printing, there are still many places to be noticed. First, before making the leisure food packaging bag, the manufacturer needs to locate the product packaging personality and the information to be expressed, determine the bag standard, material, thickness and bag type, and make the self planner or the packaging factory plan and manufacture the package bag draft according to these data, and can design several copies more, and give the reference and finally determine the bag. For example, a food company now wants to make a batch of dry fruit packaging bags, including red date in detail and positioning as a high-end atmospheric grade. It is necessary to determine the bag type of the bag, the latest eight side sealing bag is selected here, because it is Xinjiang Hotan jujube with 500g, and the size is about 20x30 + 9cm after trial assembly. The data is UV technology. Pet + pet aluminum + PE, with a thickness of 14 wires on one side and 50000 pieces, These must be clear before making bags. Secondly, after finding a good packaging plant, if the distance is close, and the food factory can find a moment to see the packaging factory, confirm that the natural resources of the manufacturer are equal to the production level and sanitary water. For example, look at the factory. If the distance is far away, the packaging manufacturer can ask the packaging manufacturer to send some similar sample bags to the food factory, try to pack and check the quality of the packaging bag and the printed pattern. Finally, whether far or near, we should understand whether the logistics of the packaging bag is reliable or not, and whether the packaging bag will be damaged. It's the best to be able to deliver the goods to the door. However, most packaging factories today will provide free delivery services to surrounding areas, so far away from the region can not. After knowing the above information, we can place an order. After order, follow up, packing factory affairs many, may drag goods. Therefore, in the shortest time, to do the best packaging bags, the food factory and packaging plant to work together.

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