Cake box wholesale lamination when adhesion is not good, how to do?

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Cake box wholesale production often use lamination, lamination when there will be poor adhesion, adhesion is not good how to do? 1. If the selection of adhesive is improper, the setting of glue amount is improper, and the ratio measurement is wrong, the type and amount of adhesive should be re selected. 2. The diluent contains alcohol and water which consume NCO group, so that the hydroxyl group does not react. High purity ethyl acetate should be used. 3. There is powder spray on the surface of printed packaging. Wipe gently with a dry cloth. 4. The ink layer of printed package is too thick. Should increase the amount of adhesive coating, increase the pressure. 5. The ink layer of the printed package is not dry or completely dry. Should be hot pressed again and then glue; Choose the adhesive with high solid content; Increase the coating thickness; Increase drying temperature, etc. 6. When the adhesive is absorbed by printing ink and paper, the coating amount is insufficient. The formulation and coating amount should be changed. 7. If the surface treatment of plastic adhesive film is not enough or exceeds the application period, the treatment surface will be invalid, and the plastic adhesive film shall be renewed. 8. Low pressure, fast speed and low temperature. It is necessary to increase the temperature and pressure of film coating during the wholesale processing and manufacturing of cake boxes, and reduce the speed appropriately.



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