What is the price of customized paper bags and production in jewelry industry?

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People think that jewelry is generally sold by rich people. No matter how small a mosquito is, it is also meat. If you can save it, you still need to save it. In the production of customized paper bags, you need to be familiar with the shortcomings of the manufacturers, so that you can preempt others and reduce costs in production.

It's a good way to prove the level of jewelry store and make to order paper bags. When we make to order jewelry paper bags, we must also want to know about the make to order paper bags and where the main money is spent. In this way, we can not only chat with the factory but also be professional. Today, let Wenzhou Dreamfly Packagiing talk about this problem with you.

1、 To know the price of customized paper bag production, first of all, we need to know the price of small jewelry paper bag mainly consists of several parts.

If a factory wants to operate, it can be divided into two categories: shared expenses and separate expenses. Shared expenses include rent, water and electricity expenses, company operating expenses, wage costs, depreciation of equipment and maintenance expenses, which are also fixed costs of a company.

In addition, it is the separate cost of paper bags, which includes the purchase cost of raw materials and the labor cost for the production of paper bags.

2、 After knowing some expenses of paper bags, let's analyze the production of paper bags.

The first is the rent and water and electricity cost of factory buildings. These fixed expenses are shared equally among all products. In fact, the price is already very small. All these can be ignored.

Another is the wage cost of designers and managers. Because this is a one-time investment, the more you produce in the design of paper bags, the less the cost of your designers and managers.

Finally, the paper bag's fixed cost is the cost of raw materials.

Everyone who does business has such an idea. He works hard to do business and finally gives it to the raw material supplier.

This is the same in the production and manufacturing industry of customized paper bags. Recently, the soaring paper price has also increased the cost of products. From this point of view, the relationship between raw materials and product prices is very significant.

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