What are the reasons for the fuzzy printing of kraft paper bags?

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Kraft paper bag is a kind of environmental protection packaging bag. We often use it, but sometimes we find that the surface of kraft paper bag is very fuzzy. This may be the problem in the production process of kraft paper bag. So what causes the printing fuzzy phenomenon of kraft paper bag? The following Shanghai maihe packaging to introduce the reasons for the appearance of kraft paper bag printing fuzzy.

1、 The ink concentration is not appropriate

When the ink concentration is normal, the printed kraft paper bag is very attractive. If the ink is too sticky or too thin, the effect is certainly poor. Therefore, when the printing ink concentration of our kraft paper bag is not enough, the printing will be blurred.

2、 The temperature is too high

When the kraft paper bag to do stamping process, most of them are using heat transfer printing technology, at the same time need to control the temperature well, is also very important. If the temperature is too high, metal plate temperature is too high, the printed product is certainly not ideal, then it must look fuzzy.

3、 Incorrect overprint

The principle of four-color printing is to print the printed products layer by layer, so as to form the desired effect. However, when the overprint is not accurate, there will be three kinds of colors in layers, resulting in the blurring of kraft paper bag printing.

4、 Equipment problems

Because printing is a systematic project, any problem with the equipment directly reflects the effect on the kraft paper bag, that is, the printing is fuzzy, so we should carefully check the equipment at this time.

The above introduction is the reason for the fuzzy phenomenon of kraft paper bag printing. Therefore, when printing kraft paper bags, we need to pay attention to reduce the loss caused by printing quality problems.

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