How should the manufacturer deal with the ink drying problem of clothing paper bag?

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Before, clothing paper bag manufacturers learned some new knowledge. When they arrived at the packaging factory, they saw Master Li adding something to the ink. At that time, they didn't know what it was. Looking at the masters, they were very careful to pour it in and then stir it. They felt that the paper bag was made with great care. Later, after consulting the old master, they learned a lot about it.

When Master Li was preparing to put these inks on the machine, he found a problem. When the ink was stored in the "database" of the clothing paper bag manufacturer, the young workers did not seal the ink, which caused the upper half of the ink to be damp, because the storage workshop of the clothing paper bag manufacturer "data base" had good sealing property, so the temperature was in constant temperature, but the inside of the ink was sealed The ink is not sealed, in a relatively cold environment, the operation of the ink itself is cold, so there will be a constant temperature gas condensate into liquid, resulting in ink moisture.

So master Li, the manufacturer of clothing paper bags, said: "although the packaging factory is in a good environment and advanced equipment, people are really lazy. This worker is not very diligent. Because many things are done with computers, systems and automation, this kind of small details are not well done. Only when the ink is used, we can find out that there is a problem and can not be dried in time. Therefore, only when the packaging factory is in good condition and the equipment is advanced, it is really lazy Help them close. " After that, the windows of the workshop were opened and the engine started.

Looking at the back of Master Li, the manufacturer of clothing paper bags, the times are progressing. The equipment and computer system are advanced. If we do not keep up with the pace of the times, it is also very helpless and sad.

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