Three ideas of cake box design

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We all know that different products need different packaging. What about the same product? It also needs different packaging. Just like the cake box design we are talking about today, we can use different packaging boxes to pack cakes, which depends on the way you sell them. 1、 Cake box as a kind of food packaging, cake as a kind of food, and in food packaging, there are some foods need to play the role of display. Then we need to choose the window design for the cake box. Of course, whether it's on the side or on the top, it's to let consumers see what they're buying. This kind of carton is not only suitable for cakes, but also for pies, cookies and other dessert boxes. Our company's self-locking bottom cake box is an example of this kind of carton. Other packaging needs to be displayed by opening windows, including the packaging design of dry noodles and ice cream cover. The advantage of the windowed carton is that consumers can see the appearance of the product before they buy it. So if the shape of your cake is attractive enough, you can choose the cake box with windows. 2、 Cake box as a transport packaging, the traditional cake ordering mode: call to order, go to pick up the cake in the evening. Internet cake ordering mode: call to order and send it home in the afternoon. The process of picking up cakes has been done by cake makers, so there is a problem. When delivering cakes, there is far more than one cake, so the cake box will be squeezed on the transport vehicle. At this time, the transport resistant packaging box is needed. It is still a self-locking buckle bottom double plug box, but it is no longer a card box, but needs to use corrugated paper and other easy to transport paper. Using food grade corrugated paper can avoid the problem of safety and hygiene, so your cake is to be delivered to your door, please choose the corrugated paper with windows. 3、 Cake box as a brand packaging, the current market pastry brand: repeat customers, Daliyuan, etc., so two or three brands of cake box can be described as the same. If your packaging looks very similar to those of these brands, it's hard for people to distinguish your cake from others when it's put together in the supermarket. So your cake box packaging needs to be different from other brands. Then consumers can notice that this is another cake brand when they buy. So if you choose to sell your cake on the shelf, please pay attention to the packaging of other brand competitors. So in summary, different packaging needs to be chosen because of different object-oriented products. It's like wearing formal clothes at work and casual clothes at rest. So when you design a cake box, you should be clear about the positioning of your cake. Remember, a successful packaging can add 30% of the promotion function to the product.

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