Six problems should be paid attention to in customizing food packaging

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1. Custom manufacturers must be qualified formal enterprises;

2. Food packaging bags manufactured by manufacturers must meet food safety standards. Food directly imported should use non-toxic and clean packaging materials, tableware, drinking utensils and containers.

3. The material selection of food packaging bags should meet the following requirements: degradable or easy to recycle, meet the requirements of environmental protection, and meet the hygienic standards of relevant food containers and packaging materials.

4. Food packaging bags shall indicate on the containers and outer packages of bulk food the name, date of production or batch number of production, shelf life, name, address and contact method of producers and operators.

5. When qualified food packaging is sold out of the factory, the "QS" sign must be printed. Without this sign, it is forbidden to enter the market for sale.

6. Food packaging bags should be thick and strong enough to ensure the function of food bags.

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