Several Problems to Be Noticed in disposable grease-proof Paper Bag

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The disposable grease-proof paper bags used must be marked to meet the requirements of ISO11607 standard.


Complying with ISO 11607 or EN868 standard, the seal is 2 cm away from the outer opening.


Oil-proof paper bags are only used once.


The chemical indication mark area outside the oil-proof paper bag should not be less than 100 square millimeters, and the distance between the two indication marks should not be less than 155 millimeters.


There is no printing in the filling area of grease-proof paper bags.


Sterilization and loading requirements: Paper face and plastic face should be placed. The sealing width of oil-proof paper bags and paper bags should be more than 6 mm, and the distance between the instruments in the package and the sealing part of the package bags should be more than 2.5 cm. Standards for management, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of disinfection supply centers.

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