Professional rationalization is needed in the customization of garment paper bags

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At the end of the year, many packaging factory workers are off. The main goal of Shanghai maihe packaging is to form a relatively fast clothing paper bag customization. Because the list of the global environment is still in a state of waiting for competition, many businesses that need paper bag customization are still not settled, and many orders begin to come to seek cooperation. But at the end of the year, workers are limited. Shanghai maihe Packaging Co., Ltd He packaging can not meet the needs of so many businesses, so we can only select some business orders to do.

In fact, not all the orders for paper bags can be made smoothly. Some of them are not large in quantity, some of them are urgent and large in quantity. Considering the actual situation, they may not be able to follow, which is also responsible for the respect of the guests. These days, at the end of recent years, there are many orders for paper bags. The workers are busy and even need to squeeze out the time for drinking water.

What are the teachers busy with? Since the middle of February, most of the workers of garment paper bag manufacturers have had a holiday. The orders from teachers and Fu must be executed according to the production rules. Teachers and Fu have to check the viscosity of the ink every hour, which leads to the lack of time for them to drink water. Normally, it takes more than ten minutes to test once, and one hour for each production Only one test can ensure the normal process of garment paper bag customization. Because before, when the workers were all on the post, they could reasonably divide the work, but now they are all teachers and Fu Ren, so the workers are still very hard.

Although it's busy, several professional paper bag customization masters left behind are very dedicated. They work alone to select our factory's customized clothing paper bags and the goals we have the ability to achieve, so that customers who choose our Shanghai packaging factory can receive goods with quality and quantity guaranteed.

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