Elements of Food Packaging Design

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1. Logo and Text Design


Text plays a large part in the packaging picture. It is the main way and means to convey product information to consumers. Product name is the most important element in the whole packaging. It should give people a clear visual impression. Therefore, the text in food packaging design should be avoided to be complicated and disorderly, so that people can easily recognize and understand. Different types of products require different design styles; children's products require lively and vivid fonts. Cartoon images can be combined with product names or logos. Older people's products and products with historical features can be written in brush fonts.


The font design of product packaging should be in harmony with the packaging picture so as to make the product packaging integrated and visualized.


2. Graphic and pattern design


Food can display the characteristics and essence of the product through the picture design of packaging. In modern food packaging design, the most widely used is to directly reflect the product in the picture. Through some artistic techniques, the product looks delicious and attractive. Some products, such as drinks and sauces, can not directly reflect the product, but they use the image of the raw material or the food that can be matched with the product to express. For example, butter, the common image of bread and butter appears in the picture.


The application of point, line and surface in food packaging design is also indispensable. They play a coordinated picture, the effect of a complete picture.


Graphics and patterns are used to achieve visual balance and conform to people's visual habits. The main and secondary performance is reflected in the proportion and position. The overall picture should have a visual focus, so that consumers can first see this element at a long distance, and then attract him to see the other parts of the package.


3. The Use of Color


Color plays an important role in food packaging design. Each color has its own meaning and emotion. It can arouse people's feelings and arouse people's psychological resonance.


There are relatively fixed application rules of color in food packaging design, such as strawberry flavor, rose-red color, chocolate flavor, brown color and so on. If we do not follow this rule, it will be difficult to achieve people's psychological recognition and resonance, thus affecting the overall promotion of products.


Some products have a fixed sales time, such as Spring Festival gifts, color requirements festive, warm. Mainly red, with spot color or other bright color, to achieve the effect.


Colour collocation can make the picture vivid, coordinated and unified. The most frequently used are complementary color matching and color matching. Harmonious color matching can effectively enhance product value

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