Development trend of paper bags in 2020

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What direction will paper bag design go in 2020? Here is a brief introduction of Wenzhou Dreamfly packaging:

Wenzhou Dreamfly packaging wants to tell you that the trend of paper bags depends on the trend of paper bag design. As long as we understand the trend of paper bag design, then the development trend of paper bags in 2020 will be revealed.

First of all, the relationship between paper bags and clothing design is relatively large. Now the trend of clothing design is gradually moving towards bright colors, so we can see a phenomenon that paper bag design is developing towards more bright colors. The paper bag design deviates from the traditional concept, and tends to the bright and vibrant color of young people.

This paper bag design can be distinguished from the traditional monotonous black and white gray, so that the appearance of paper bags will give people a different feeling.

Due to the fierce competition in the clothing industry, it can be reflected in the paper bag, which requires that the paper bag design can reflect the characteristics of the brand, so the use of more eye-catching words in the paper bag design has become a new development trend in 2020. Bold combination design of words will beat back the paper bag design dominated by color blocks, lines and words in the past, so that this unique way, a paper bag design that can fully show the brand personality, once such combination is launched, it will surely win the attention of consumers.

Third, real photos help your paper bags to occupy the minds of consumers and directly form the cognition of your products.

According to the Internet survey, among the modern people's favorite viewing ways, video is the priority, followed by pictures, and finally words.

The current trend of the future reading development of consumers is relatively simple and does not need to be understood in a complex way. If we add real pictures to the paper bag design, it will be better than you use more words to describe the effect. So the third trend of paper bag in 2020 I choose real photos.

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