About food packaging

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Before customizing leisure food packaging bags, manufacturers need to locate the packaging style of products and the information they want to express, determine the specifications, materials, thickness and bag type of bags, and according to these data, their designers or packaging factories can design and produce packaging bags drawings, which can be more than a few copies. When designing, they must give reference. And finally determine the bag. In the design, we should pay special attention to the words on the packaging bags, and pay attention to the following contents: the name of the packaging bags manufacturer such as Wenzhou Dreamfly Printing Co., Ltd., ingredients such as iron, calcium and sodium, product introduction, origin and net weight are mainly in g/kg units, specifications, food label number, certification, hygiene license number, production date, storage. Storage conditions, shelf life, food method, manufacturer name, factory address and contact phone number, including certification and barcode must not be less.

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