What's the production process of portable paper bag manufacturers?

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With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the frequency of the emergence of portable paper bags is also increasing. The implementation of the plastic restriction order has promoted the development of paper bags. So how is the exquisite hand-held paper bag made? Today, Shanghai maihe packaging will introduce to you.


The first is the choice of paper bag materials.


Usually, bag manufacturers will choose materials before producing paper bag printing products. At present, there are many kinds of materials for making paper bag printing products, including good and bad materials, ordinary quality and small thickness paper. Bag manufacturers will choose materials for paper bag printing products according to customers' needs.


The second is the printing and production of paper bags.


When the material is selected, it is necessary to print the paper. In this process, the manufacturers of handbags need to pay attention to the printing of paper bags. Different from other printing products, they must ensure the quality of printing technology and printing process, so that the appearance of printed paper bags from semi-finished products is the most attractive to consumers.


Finally, the overall production of paper bags.


This process is to add a handle to the printed semi-finished product, so that it can become a paper bag for placing articles. Bag manufacturers should pay attention to every process of bag making, so that the quality of bag can be guaranteed.

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