What should I do if the color of disposable paper bowls fades after wholesale?

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If the disposable paper bowl you purchased has a color fading problem during use, you can consider the following solutions:


Brand query: First, check whether the disposable paper bowl you purchased has the manufacturer's brand and contact information. If so, contact the manufacturer or supplier to report the problem and ask for a solution. They may offer solutions such as returns, exchanges or refunds.


Quality Assurance: Check the packaging or product description of disposable paper bowls to see if there is any information about quality assurance. Some manufacturers may offer product warranties and you can follow their policies to resolve issues.


Adjust usage: Without a clear warranty or contact information, you can try reducing the contact time with the paper bowls and avoid using them in high temperature or humidity environments, as these factors can cause discoloration. Also, consider coating the inside of the paper bowl with a food-safe coating to reduce the possibility of discoloration.


Change Supplier: If the problem persists, you may consider changing suppliers or brands to find higher quality disposable paper bowls to ensure the safety of your food and customers.


Either way, food safety and quality should be prioritized to ensure your disposable paper bowls do not pose a hazard to users. The best approach is to work with the manufacturer or supplier to resolve the issue.

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