What should be paid attention to in the process of kraft paper bag customization?

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Today's businesses create their own brands by customizing kraft paper bags. If they want to be an environmentally conscious enterprise, they need to start with a small kraft paper bag. However, in the process of customizing kraft paper bags, they may go the other way and make kraft paper bags a stain of recruiting black people.


1. Laminating. In this technology, laminating is not suitable for kraft paper bags. Laminating will cause the uneven surface of kraft paper to be unable to exhaust air. When the air cannot be discharged, laminating will produce bubbles, which will affect the appearance of kraft paper bags. There is also the problem of recycling. This layer of laminating is not easy to degrade and recycle plastic products.


2. Printing, the environmental protection of printing does not lie in its recycling and degradation, but in the whole production process of kraft paper bag, which will produce a lot of waste water and pollution. Therefore, printing in production is a process technology related to environmental protection, and it is difficult to match with kraft paper bag, especially yellow cattle paper, in color, and it is not very suitable for printing, so it is necessary to reduce the cost of printing Printing technology is used in the process of making kraft paper bags. This information is also very important.


So how to make kraft paper bag customized to express their own brand, usually using hot stamping technology, whether it is hot black gold or hot red gold, it will also appear very tall when combined with yellow cow leather, which is also in line with the concept of environmental protection, and can also shape the image of the brand.

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