What is a coated paper bag? What kind of packing do you usually use?

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With the progress of the times and people's demand for high quality of life, people's packaging requirements for some items are gradually improving. Many times, some simple, low-cost packaging, which people don't like, then the natural paper bag packaging has become a "fragrant cake". In fact, we all know about the paper bag packaging, but what is the film bag? Recently, some netizens consulted about the film bag, but some netizens don't know what the film bag is, and what food is usually used for packaging, so today we mainly talk about the film bag.

In fact, this kind of coated paper bag is also a kind of paper bag packaging, but it belongs to oil-proof paper bag. In fact, these two kinds of paper bags are one kind. Oil-proof paper bags are also called coated paper bags. They mainly have the function of oil-proof. They are generally used to pack some oily food, most of which are fried food, similar to fried chicken, bread, toast and other snacks, but some people will It's used to pack some bread, cake and other food. In fact, when it's mainly oily, it can be packed in coated paper bags.

In fact, this kind of coated paper bag is basically on the market now, especially in the food packaging industry. After all, this kind of paper bag is not only powerful, but also of good quality. At the same time, it has a variety of styles, which can be suitable for all kinds of enterprises. At the same time, the environmental protection type of this paper bag is also very strong, which is absolutely harmless to the body and absolutely healthy , which is also the main reason why this kind of coated paper bag will be popular with the public. However, it depends on the situation of the enterprise. Different enterprises also have different choices. However, this kind of coated paper bag generally gives a very high-end feeling.

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