What are the specifications of the customized size of the paper cup?

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The custom size of the paper cup can have a variety of specifications, the following are some common size specifications:

3 oz (approximately 88 ml) paper cups: typically used for small serving beverages or sample cups.

8 oz (approximately 237 ml) paper cup: Commonly found in coffee shops and fast food restaurants, suitable for medium-sized hot drinks.

12oz (355ml) Paper Cup: Ideal for larger servings of coffee, tea, or cold beverages.

16 oz (approximately 473 ml) paper cup: often used for large cups of coffee, milkshakes or cold drinks.

20 oz (approximately 591 ml) paper cup: suitable for larger servings of cold drinks, such as smoothies or milk tea.

32 oz (approximately 946 ml) paper cup: Commonly found in beverage stores or events, suitable for large cups of cold drinks or juices.

These sizes are just some common specifications, in fact there are other paper cups with different capacities to choose from. The size of custom paper cups can be adjusted on demand to suit specific occasions or product requirements.

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