What are the selection and injection standards for grease proof paper bags?

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Recently, a lot of friends asked the question, "what are the standards for selecting grease proof paper bags?". Actually, when I saw this question, the first thing I thought about was food, because this paper bag is used to hold food, so I think many friends don't know the selection standard of this paper bag very well, but don't worry. I am here today to unify We are going to introduce it and hope that friends in need can get help.

1、 Green environmental protection

There is no need to explain this point. I believe that nowadays people attach great importance to personal health, so the demand for food is naturally higher and higher. So whether from the selection and production of food materials or from the packaging, today's consumers are more demanding, so for the grease proof paper bag used to package food, it is natural to also need to meet the conditions of green people, otherwise how to make consumers feel relieved to buy food?

2、 Qualified quality

Since it is called grease proof paper bag, its quality is naturally different from that of ordinary paper bag. The sealing requirements of this paper bag are very strong, and it must not leak oil, Otherwise, consumers will feel very bad after buying food, which will have a great impact on their own business. I believe that no food company wants to see such a situation happen.

3、 Customization

When choosing grease proof paper bags, in fact, the general food companies will not only make one product, so they need grease proof paper bags of different sizes and shapes, so the best choice is to be able to customize, if they can print their own brand on the bags, it will be better.

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