What Are The Main Properties Of Food Paper Packaging?

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"Paper", the main material of food paper packaging, is widely used to make cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper containers and other packaging products. And as a result of a variety of materials composite carton board, special processing paper has been widely used, will partially replace other packaging materials in food packaging applications, alleviate the environmental problems caused by plastic packaging. The performance of food paper packaging is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1、 Printing performance

Paper and paperboard absorb strong adhesive ink and have good printing performance. Therefore, they are often used as printing surface on packaging. The printing performance of paper and paperboard mainly determines the surface smoothness, rubber application, elasticity and adhesion.

2、 Barrier performance

Carton board is a kind of porous fiber material, which has a certain degree of permeability to moisture, gas, light, grease and so on. Single paper packaging materials can not be used to package food with high moisture and grease content and high barrier requirements, but the barrier performance can be met by processing on the surface of paperboard.

3、 Practical performance

Cartons and paperboards have certain strength, hardness, toughness and compression resistance, and their strength mainly depends on the paper material, quality, thickness, processing technology, surface condition and certain temperature and humidity conditions; in addition, paper also has certain folding, elasticity and tearing properties, which are suitable for forming packaging containers or wrapping. It should be noted that the temperature and humidity have a great influence on the strength of paper and paperboard. The change of air temperature and humidity will cause the change of equilibrium moisture of paper and paperboard, and eventually make the practical performance of cartons change in varying degrees. Due to the paper fiber has greater water absorption, when the humidity increases, the tensile strength and tear strength of the paper will decrease, which will affect the practicability of the paper board.

4、 Processability

Paper and paperboard have good processing performance, can be folded, and can be sealed by a variety of methods, easy to process into a variety of performance of packaging containers, easy to achieve mechanical processing operations, has been mature production technology. Good processing performance creates conditions for the design of various functional structures (such as window opening, handle, partition wall and display platform). In addition, the paper and paperboard can be provided with moisture resistance, insect resistance, barrier, heat sealing, strength and physical properties through proper surface treatment, so as to expand its application range.

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