The use of food paper bags marks the establishment of a conservation oriented society

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With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the power of "plastic restriction order", more and more people begin to favor paper bags. In fact, when it comes to paper bags, the first thing people think about is the paper bags that are used for street snacks. It is simple, sanitary, convenient and quick. After eating, you can wipe your hands with paper bags and finally throw them away without polluting the environment. In fact, paper bags are not only used for such purposes. Envelopes, file bags, gift bags and wine and water bags we see in our daily life can be included in the scope of paper bags.

It can be said that the emergence of paper bags is a sign of social progress, which shows that more and more people begin to attach importance to environmental protection. Paper itself can be recycled. Compared with non degradable plastic bags, paper bags have almost no impact on the environment. Therefore, the scope of use of paper bags now goes deep into every corner of social life. To some extent, the extensive use of paper bags indicates the gradual establishment of a conservation oriented society, which also conforms to the green development concept advocated by the central government.

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