Must Know These Fast Food Packing Hidden Danger!

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Must know these fast food packing hidden danger!

In our life, we need to use some food packaging every day, such as plastic film, plastic bag, fast food box and so on. These packaging may look very clean and good-looking, but in fact they are not necessarily safe. Next, let's have a deep understanding of the fast food packaging with you.

The harm of three kinds of fast food packaging

1. Disposable tableware

According to the data, we consume 15 billion disposable lunch boxes every year, but about half of them are unqualified. At present, the disposable tableware on the market is mostly made of polypropylene, which is relatively safe, but it is not recommended to be used to hold greasy food. Even a comprehensive inspection center for quality supervision of disposable tableware found that if the disposable tableware and grease contact, it will produce some bad substances, and then these substances will enter the human body with food, which is likely to cause body discomfort, and more serious will lead to heavy metal poisoning and other symptoms.

2. PVC film

Many families will use preservative film, but in fact, if the carcinogen of preservative film exceeds the standard, it will have the possibility of cancer. Therefore, it is suggested that if you buy plastic wrap at home, take a look at the instructions first. If it's PVC, it's better not to use it, especially if it's not used to package cooked food, greasy food, etc., if it's other preservative film or relatively safe, you can rest assured to use it.

3. Gorgeous pastry tray

Maybe many people like to eat desserts very much, and most of the time they will choose to go to the dessert shop to buy desserts, but it must be noted that the tray of cakes actually contains certain security risks. Some businesses in order to make the tray more beautiful, will add some gold or silver powder on the plastic, but these substances are toxic to the body.

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