How to tell the quality of disposable paper bowls?

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To distinguish the quality of disposable paper bowls, you can proceed from the following aspects:


Material and thickness: High-quality paper bowls should use food-grade paper, with appropriate thickness and hardness, and will not be easily deformed or cracked.


Water resistance and heat resistance: A good quality paper bowl should have good water resistance and heat resistance. There should be no leakage or softening when loading liquids or hot foods.


Appearance and workmanship: A high-quality paper bowl should have a neat appearance, with no obvious wrinkles, damage, or blurred printing. The mouth of the bowl should be smooth and flat, without burrs or sharp edges.


Odor and safety: Smell the paper bowl. If there is a pungent smell, it may contain harmful substances. Choose products that have passed food safety certification, such as FDA or domestic QS certification.


Brands and reviews: Choose well-known brands or products with high reviews. Consumer reviews can often reflect the true quality of the product.


Through the above aspects, we can comprehensively judge whether the quality of disposable paper bowls is qualified.

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