Grease Proof Paper Bag Makes Street Snacks More Delicious

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Girls like to go shopping. When they are tired, they want to buy some fried food at the snack stand on the street. Are these girls not afraid of the grease in fried food dripping on themselves? Of course, I'm not afraid, because now snack stalls generally provide a product called grease proof paper bag. The effect of this kind of grease proof paper bag is quite outstanding. It can absorb the excess grease, so that the consumers can eat more assured. In many city snack street, grease proof paper bag has almost become the standard equipment of snack stand.

Maybe some people will worry about whether this kind of grease proof paper bag contains ink? Once people eat ink, isn't it harmful to the body? In fact, some of this worry is redundant, grease proof paper bag ink is indeed there, but it uses edible water-based ink. This is an ink product identified by the national environmental protection department, we can rest assured. With the grease proof paper bags, girls are more energetic when they go shopping and their life is better.

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