Environmental protection of cake box

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Of course, the raw material of cake box is paper. Modern papermaking may come from trees, or recycled paper products. If the pulp is used, of course, trees need to be cut down. This environmental impact needs to be added to the paper bag, so it is not so innocent. If you use recycled paper, of course, the crime of cutting down trees will be reduced, but in the process of waste paper recycling, cleaning, deinking and pulping, a lot of dust and sewage will be produced, and more energy will be consumed. Moreover, recycled paper because of the short fiber, load-bearing capacity is slightly poor, domestic use it to do paper bags or less, more or made of printing paper. That is to say, most of the paper bags you use are made of original pulp. The raw material for the production of plastic bags is ethylene fractionated from petroleum. The polymerization process of ethylene is a very mature process. If only from the perspective of energy consumption and pollution in this production process, the production of polyethylene plastic bags is more environmentally friendly and economical than that of paper bags. However, the bigger problem of plastic bags is that they can't be degraded even if they are buried in the ground for hundreds of years. In most places where waste management is neglected in our country, they will fly all over the sky, giving people a more intuitive understanding of environmental pollution. Comprehensive analysis of the production process and disposal after use shows that plastic bags or paper bags have a great impact on the environment, It's not that using paper bags is a sign of environmental protection and fashion. So what is environmental protection? Let's get rid of these formal slogans. If you use plastic bags or paper bags, try to use them several times. It's not a waste of their coming to this prosperous world. Or, it's better to use cloth bags. After all, it's not a problem to use cloth bags for hundreds of times. If it's dirty, it's OK to wash it. You can also write and draw on it to make something with personality. It's fashionable enough. Even cloth bags have environmental costs. If you use them for hundreds of times, you can earn enough money.


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