Do disposable paper bowls cause cancer?

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Disposable paper bowls themselves are generally not directly carcinogenic, but there are some potential health risks. Disposable paper bowls are usually made of pulp or cardboard, and during the production process, some harmful substances may be added or remain on the paper bowls, such as printing inks, dyes or chemicals. If these harmful substances are not handled correctly or remain on paper bowls, they may be released when food or drink comes into contact with them, posing a threat to human health.


Additionally, if disposable paper bowls are used at high temperatures, such as by microwave heating, they may release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), some of which may be harmful to health.


Therefore, to minimize potential risks, it is recommended to purchase trustworthy disposable paper bowl products, avoid use at high temperatures, do not use them in microwave ovens, and minimize prolonged contact with food or drinks. Additionally, consider using reusable containers to reduce the use of single-use items.

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