Best Grease Proof Treatment Of Food Paper Bag

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Food is a common necessity in our life. However, it may be noticed at this time that most people who buy food are willing to take their favorite food and eat on the way to work. For example, fried food is usually faced with various troubles such as oil seepage and even dregs. Therefore, it is a technical work to choose packaging bags and pack food.

Usually buy food packaging bag, there is its special packaging paper, we call it food paper bag. This kind of paper bag is also known as the film coated paper bag. Through the oil proof treatment of paper, the characteristics of greasy food in packaging bags are more easily revealed.

Conventional food paper bags, with the help of kraft paper as the packaging material, a small part of the use of white paper as packaging material, after anti oil treatment, put different kinds of fried food, can give people different enjoyment.

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