Behind the fast food packaging, you must understand the safety warnings

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When buying fast food, please pay attention to the following safety warnings:

Temperature: Make sure that the fast food you buy is at the right temperature and keep the food from being too hot or too cold to prevent spoilage or burns.

Food allergies: Read the food labels on the packaging carefully to make sure there are no ingredients you are allergic to. If there is a risk of allergies, please inform the restaurant staff to ensure the safety of the food.

Sealed packaging: Check that the packaging is intact and that it is tightly sealed to prevent contamination of the food or contamination from outside bacteria.

Best before dates: Check the best before dates on food packaging to make sure the food has not expired. Expired food can cause food poisoning or adverse reactions.

Prevention and control of infectious diseases: During epidemic seasons or epidemics, pay attention to the health warnings on the packaging, such as requiring wearing masks and washing hands frequently, to ensure food safety.

Please pay attention to the above safety warnings when purchasing fast food to protect your health and safety.

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